HP v300a 240GB SATA Solid State Drive with Upgrade Kit

HP v300a 240GB SATA Solid State Drive with Upgrade Kit


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UPC: 751492561134   Part: H5A88AA#ABA


As compared to the standard SATA HDDs, this drive offers: High I/O and throughput performance; Increased system responsiveness; High reliability; Enhanced ruggedness; and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit Encryption.


  • 240GB storage capacity. Provides ample storage space for your music, movies and other files.
  • Serial ATA interface. For connecting your computer
  • Fast data transfer speeds. 85K random read and write IOPS and sequential read speeds up to 550MB/Sec. for quick response when updating files.
  • 3K endurance rating. Designed for long-term storage of photos and videos and to improve performance with everyday computing tasks.
  • Upgrade kit. Includes Acronis TrueImage HD cloning software, USB 3.0 enclosure and cable, screwdriver and 3.5” bay adapter. Provides simple transfer of files from your old computer to the new drive.
  • 128-bit AES encryption support
  • Compatible with most laptops and desktops that support 2.5” storage drives. For flexibility, the 3.5” bay adapter enables use in older desktop systems.


  • 0.2 lb
  • 2.75 x 3.9 x 0.4 in

What's in the box

  • HP v300a 240GB Internal Serial ATA Solid State Drive with Upgrade Kit; Acronis TrueImage HD cloning software; USB 3.0 enclosure and cable; Screwdriver; 3.5” bay adapter and mounting screws; Owner’s manual
  • Warranty Terms – Parts: 3 years, Labor: 3 years limited

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Customer ratings and reviews for HP v300a 240GB SATA Solid State Drive with Upgrade Kit

Rated 3 out of 5 by Middling performance, high power requirement I ordered this drive with my laptop because I was told the "upgrade kit" would be what I needed to install it into the empty drive bay of my Envy 17t. Turns out, I also need a caddy, two soft plastic rails that help wedge the drive into the drive bay, and a SATA cable. HP support was not able to come up with these items, Parts is closed on a Sunday, and I couldn't find them through the HP online Parts portal. Thus frustrated, I started looking around and found the caddy and cable elsewhere. I also noticed that this drive requires 2.5 W when running. A similar Samsung model requires 0.07 W, which on a laptop will make a big difference in battery life. Food for thought. April 13, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great Product but Little Help Although the product itself ultimately worked perfectly, the software that came with it did NOT work the way the included instructions said it should. I wanted to choose option 4 (when booting from the software install disk) and the documentation said the choice would appear on screen...it did not. I spent several hours on the phone with HP Tech Support before they said it was not their department and I'd have to work by chat. That meant starting all over again. Chat too did not have a clue as to why the option to clone the disk did not appear and I wasted another ~6 hours with them. Since this software ran from the DVD at boot time, it meant that each time I tried it, I was cut off from the Chat help...and each time had to start over again with another agent. Finally, I discovered (on my own) that the Acronis software screen is improperly formatted to properly display at boot time. By that I mean that the boot screens default to VGA mode and ask the user to choose an install language...but no option for English...or so I thought. The problem is that the software panel is way too large and therefore the option to choose English is off the screen at the top...but that was not apparent. Since I didn't want French or Swedish, I didn't choose anything at that point and after a few seconds, the system booted to Windows thereby bypassing the clone disk option. Almost by accident I noticed that there might be more above the viewable area, so i used the mouse to scroll up and lo, there was a choice for English. When I selected it, the software worked like the documentation shows. So, there are two fixes suggested for this: 1) In the documentation, tell the user how to find the option by scrolling the software panel up. 2) Better still, reformat the software to ensure it all fits on one wide format VGA screen. If you're wondering why this "dummy" took so long to figure this out, consider that it is not apparent that anything is above the screen. I've been working with software since the 1960s folks, I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, worked for years on the help desk. If I have trouble with this, you can guarantee lots of other folks will too. The fixes are simple. Oh, make sure your help desk folks know about this problem and its solution because they did not have a clue. October 17, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very satisfied with SSD. After installing and using my first SSD I was so impressed that I ordered a second one for my seconded, older computer. The installation is extremely simple if you are somewhat familiar with making setup changes to your computer BIOS (i.e.Boot Order) via the start-up menu that can be selected when the computer is powered-up. Also, if you want to keep the original HD as a second drive, you will need to connect the provided SATA data cable to the next appropriate SATA connector on the motherboard (moving the original SATA data cable connected to the HD over to the SSD after it is cloned). One necessary trick that I learned is required if you use the provided cloning software Auto Mode. My HD had 2 volumes: the second being a recovery volume. The cloning Auto Mode will make the second volume on the SSD exactly the size of the data present in the second volume of the HD. This results in a second volume on the cloned SSD with no free space. When the SSD is connected as the primary drive, Windows 7 will continuously issue warnings that there is no free space on the drive letter corresponding to the second volume. The only solution I could find on the internet was to inhibit this warning by altering the computers registry. Since I didn't like that idea, I went back and re-cloned the SSD - but this time I filled up the free space in my HD second volume with large data files (I used video files). Then after I again cloned the SSD, I went in an deleted the fill files that I had insert from both the SSD and the HD. This yielded an SSD second volume having approximately the same amount of free space as the original HD second volume. I no longer receive the warnings that disc "X" has no free space (of course I lost about 2 GB of space off SSD volume one). A second approach might be to use the Manual cloning Mode - but I didn't go there. One other installation challenge is that the length of the 3.5" adapter mounting plate is too short and the mounting holes do not line up (not even close) with the mounting holes in the computer's HD bays. For my computers, I had to remove the HD bays sub-chassis from the main chassis to insert the SSD anyway so that drilling a couple of new holes was not too big a deal (although you would have expected that someone on the SSD Design Group would have tried installing this product before placing on the public market along with testing the cloning Auto Mode software). Note that any hole drilling must be done so that no metal filings end up on or near the motherboard or surrounding wiring and electronics. After installing the SSD, my computer's performance subscore rating (computer by Windows 7) for the Primary HD Disc Data Transfer Rate went from 5.9 to 7.9 where 10.0 is the max/fastest value. I am very happy with this item and highly recommend it to anyone who is not uncomfortable after reading the installation description I provided above. August 3, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by just what my old laptop needed! My hard drive drive on my two year old laptop was throwing error messages. I created recovery disks, bought this solid state drive, plugged out the old drive, plugged in the new SSD and ran the recovery disks. The laptop now boots in about 7 seconds and runs much faster. I placed the old hard drive in the provided USB case, copied all my personal files back to the laptop, reformatted the old drive and now it works great as a backup drive. July 16, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by HP Does not support their own products! Buyer Beware: If you have a HP Laptop that you want to upgrade, make sure you have a CD/DVD drive. Without it, HP will NOT give you the software download to install this product. Now I have a beautiful new laptop with a 128GB SSD and apparently with no way to upgrade as I planned to do immediately. Severely disappointed! June 29, 2013
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