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  • For students and professionals in real estate, finance, accounting and business. The HP 17bII+ financial calculator is both powerful and easy-to-use. Quickly calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more. Features 28KB of user memory, over 250 functions, RPN and Algebraic data entry, clock, appointments, calendar, HP solve application, menus prompts and messages.


The Powerful Performer

  • Business/Financial Features, Statistical/Mathematical Features, Time and Date Management, and Customizing Features.

Mode Selection

  • Attractive one line x 10-character LCD display; select business functions at your fingertips; great mix of statistic, business and math functions; r.ead display results easily, even at an angle

Ideal for

  • Real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business work.

Permitted for use on

  • CFP Certification Exam

Special design features

  • HP's large, angled, click-style keys allow you to minimize unwanted key presses 2-line x 22 character adjustable contrast LCD display Auto power OFF, after 10 minutes

Financial/business features

  • TVM (loans, savings and leasing) Amortization List-based, cash-flow analysis Currency conversions Cash-flow functions: IRR, NPV, NFV and NUS Print table with infrared printer (hp 82240) Bond price and yield Depreciation methods: SL, DB, SOYD and ACRS Interest-rate conversions Percentage calculation: %CHG, %TOTL, MU%P, MU%C

Time and data management

  • Clock, calendar, appointments and alarm Date arithmetic (1582.10.15~9999.12.31) Number lists, edit, sort, store

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Internal specs

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Best used for

  • Real Estate; Accounting; Banking; Finance; Business Studies

Permission usage

  • Certified Financial Planner

Built-in functions

  • Over 250

Memory registers

  • 0

Memory, standard

  • 28 KB

Product color

  • Carbonite/Alloy metallic


  • 2 x CR2032 batteries

Power off memory protection

  • Yes

External specs

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  • 2 lines x 22 characters, 131 x 6 dot matrix + indicators; LCD with Adjustable contrast

Display type

  • LCD

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • 8.09 x 1.6 x 14.5 cm

  • 3.19 x 0.63 x 5.71 in


  • 110 g

  • 1 year warranty (may vary be region)

What's in the box

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  • Calculator, batteries, user manual, premium pouch

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Customer ratings and reviews for HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator

Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent but poor keyboard Excellent, very powerfull built in functions, very easy to use and the Solve function is simply fantastic. I only dislike the keyboard (not as bad as 49's but far away from the 41's and the 32II's). Also the battery door is very thin and fragile. I would also like more scientific functions. I bought four 17bII+ for four employes of mine. On the whole I'm very happy to use it and I think it's an excellent product. January 20, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by HP 17bll+ This thing make you feel like an Executive on Wall Street. It will take me a while to learn the functions for there are so many. You can calculate the world on this thing. October 17, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very solid well-built and functional calculator I bought my orginal 17bII almost 25 years ago and it is still running very well. I take good care of my things and try to make them last and keep them in nice condition, but 25 years is much more than I would have ever expected. As a financial professional I would not be caught without this thing. It has a nice thin size that allows for very easy transport in a jacket pocket or even in my briefcase or computer bag all while taking up very little real estate which I appreciate. The only wish I have is that HP would come out with a PC/Windows Mobile version for this outstanding calculator. As much as I love the calculator, I'd love being able to combine devices even more. Win Mobile would be a great addition! August 26, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Bad Case The calculator is excellent, the case is horrible. The case is not sturdy enough to withstand any pressure. When placed in my briefcase if anything gest on top or pushes on the case the calculator on button is activated. In fact I had the calculator on my desk in the case and my cat walked on it and turned it on. The problem is that this severely impacts batery life, I have repeatedly replaced the batteries just after a short time. Buy the calulator for its power, through away the case! August 6, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by This Thing is Sweeeettttt! Just got this calculator and it is impressive! I primarily have been using th 12C Platinum and I love it. This calculator takes business and financial calculations to the next level. While the 12C Platinum is great, you do have a good memory to do some less often used features (not a major drawback because they come back quickly)' The HP 17bII has a user prompting softkey interface. The display prompts you for entries and the calculations are fast! With 250 built-in formulas, most if not all, needs are cover. If one is not available, programming is simple and multiple additional formuls can be programmed and labled just like the built in ones. The chassis is sturdy and key keys are solid. Cosmetically, it is pretty cool looking. For now, this is the ultimate HP Financial calculator. P.S. Nice case too. January 28, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by 17BII Business Calculator I have used this calculator in my finance business for the past 17 years and am just now in the process of replacing it because some of the keys are starting to stick. this is an invaluable tool for anyone in the business of providing financial services for quick answers to some complex questions. October 3, 2008

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This product is covered by the standard HP warranty

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Support for this product is provided by HP Customer Care

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The HP Home & Home Office Store will accept returns or exchanges for this product up to 21 days after delivery

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